Pay Per Click (PPC)
Setup & Management

Video Advertising
We are able to help market your videos on a variety of channels, especially YouTube.
PPC Remarketing
Having the ability to remind, revisit and re-offer to a warm audience always increases conversion rates in CPC/CPM Marketing.
Social Advertising
Starting from scratch or rebranding from prior website visits on other platforms for pennies on the “AdWords” dollar is always a good strategy.
Display Advertising
We can leverage Google’s Display Network or a few others if budget allows. Display is often mismarketed to the client for initial ROI when it is often times just a pre or post-purchase branding necessity.
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PPC One-Time Setup Fee
Monthly PPC Management
PPC Display & Remarketing

Our Paid Search Setup & Pricing Model

Our Valuable PPC Clients

We have had successful campaigns in many industry verticals. With today’s tools we don’t need to be experts in your vertical just an expert in PPC.

PPC Marketing

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC), as unattractive as it might seem, is still Google’s Primary Search Engine Revenue because people use it. People use it because it works.
  • We have a long history with Google AdWords & the MSN (Bing/Yahoo) Networks.We can help clients from From display CPM to Search CPC at all budgets levels, including thosespending as little as $800/mo to $5,000 a day and in-between.
  • PPC Management will usually require a setup fee based on a budget of spend. Monthly management fees can be % of spend or fixed, depending on term, budget, industry and client.
  • Higher levels of PPC Management including Conversion Rate Optimization are available with budgets over $10,000 in monthly spend.

Most of our Paid Search Clients fall into two categories:

  • and it details

$1,000 to 3,000/Month Budget

  • and it details

$3,000 to 5,000/Month Budget



Some of Our Current & Past Clients:

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